nanoloop sync and data transfer

USB-MIDI adaptor

- link port to USB-A
- MIDI sync nanoloop to programs on a PC (DAWs, such as Ableton Live for example)
- transfer patterns and songs to PC
- update nanoloop carts (2.2+ / 1.6+)

- requires USB-C cable
- fits link port on GB Pocket, GB Color, GBA, GBA SP, Analogue Pocket
- (e.g. does not work on DMG, GB Micro, DS, DS lite, bigger version for DMG will follow)



analog sync adaptor

(coming soon)

- link port to mini jack
- for devices with analog sync
- send clock
- receive clock

Requires a 3.5mm mini jack cable.

NOTE: The new nanoloop two cart already has a sync port on board, no adaptor needed.

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