USB-MIDI adaptor with nanoloop one and nanoloop mono

This page describes how to use the USB-MIDI adaptor with nanoloop one.


The nlmidi tool can be found here.

Extra ROMs

The procedure for downloading a 32k ROM to the cart is the same as described for the update, except that you press SELECT+A or SELECT+B instead of start so that an "a" or a "b" appears below the rhomb. When the ROM has been downloaded, it should start automatically.

Boot Screen Functions

STARTStart nanoloop
AStart ROM A
BStart ROM B
SELECT+STARTErase update and wait for new ROM
SELECT+AErase ROM A and wait for new ROM
SELECT+BErase ROM B and wait for new ROM
during startup
Start original version

If downloading an update fails halfway and nanoloop doesn't start anymore, you can always return to the original version by holding SELECT pressed during startup until the rhomb logo appears. Press START+SELECT to erase the damaged update.

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