USB-MIDI adaptor with nanoloop 2.x

This page describes how to use the nanoloop USB adaptor with nanoloop 2.2 or higher.


The side with the USB pins is the top side. The link cable has to be plugged in with the rounded edges of the plug to the bottom.


Update ROM ver. 2.7 (Note: This update takes about 20 minutes to install because wave forms are re-written. )


The link cable needs to be either an original GB pocket/color cable or a 3rd party model. The GBA multiplayer cable does not work.

To update a nanoloop 2.2, 2.3 or 2.5 cart:

- Put the update file in the same directory as the nlmidi program.
- Plug in the adaptor and connect it to the Game Boy via link cable.
- Start the nlmidi program with -send and the update file name.
- Turn on the Game Boy.
- Press START + SELECT till the Nintendo logo starts blinking.
- Logo should keep blinking for about 1/2 min.
- Wait till the PC program has counted up to 256k / "done".
- Nanoloop starts.
- Keep B pressed and then press START+SELECT.
- After a few seconds, the Game Boy reboots.
- Done!

To send a bank from nanoloop 2.6 to the PC:

- Plug in the adaptor and connect it to the Game Boy via link cable.
- In nanoloop, go to the bank you wish to send.
- Move the cursor to the far right.
- Start nlmidi with -receive and a file name, preferably with suffix .nl2.
- In nanoloop, press A+B+UP.
- In nanoloop, there is a bar slowly filling.
- On the PC the received kilobytes slowly count up to 16.
- Wait till nlmidi says "saved".
- Done.

To transfer a bank back to the cart:

- In nanoloop, select the bank you wish to overwrite.
- Move the cursor to the upper right.
- Start nlmidi with -send and the file name.
- Press A+B+DOWN.
- Wait till nlmidi says "done".
- In nanoloop, there are now three numbers in the lower right.
- If the two rightmost numbers are the same, the checksum is OK.
- The bank is saved automatically.

(If checksums do not match, you can press A+B to save the -probably incomplete- data)

(c) 1998-2014 Oliver Wittchow