nanoloop for iPhone videos

Tutorial 1: The Sequencer

This tutorial shows how to use the sequencer in nanoloop. It was made with the Android version of nanoloop, however, this part is exactly the same on iPhone and Android.
Things were kept as simple as possible and only the default synth setting was used, therefore the results may sound not too musical.

More tutorials about instruments and the song editor to follow.

Sound Techniques

Besides the included example projects, nanoloop comes without pre-set instruments or samples, sounds have to be built from scratch. These tutorials show some basic techniques for sound creation.

They were kept as simple as possible, the results may not sound too musical.

Tutorial: Beats

This tutorial shows how to create some simple kick drum sounds from the default instrument settings.

Tutorial: Hihat via Synth

In this video, some hihat-like noises are added to the beat, using the NOISE-mode of the internal synthesizer.

Tutorial: Hihat via Sampling

This time, the hihat-part is created by recording a sample.

Tutorial: Hihat via Re-Sampling

In this video, multiple filtered rectangular waves are added up to one hihat-like sound in a separate project and the result is saved as a sample.

(c) 1998-2011 Oliver Wittchow