nanoloop for iPhone: file management


Since iOS 3.2, an app's documents can be accessed via iTunes. You can simply drag & drop files from / to the desktop. To copy samples and .nan files from / to a PC, you just need to connect your iPhone / iTouch / iPad to the PC, start iTunes and follow these steps:

- Select the "apps" tab.
- Scroll down to the "file sharing" section
- On the left side, select nanoloop
- A mixed list of .nan and .wav files appears
- Drag & drop files to/from any folder on the PC

The "file sharing" part can easily be overlooked, many people seem to be unaware that this useful feature exists. It is hidden right below the screen where you can arrange the app icons.

iOS 3.1

The original iPhone and 1st gen iTouch cannot be upgraded beyond iOS 3.1 and do not support file sharing via iTunes. However, nanoloop supports sending / receiving data via e-mail, encoded as URLs. For sample import, there is a web-based tool that converts files to URLs:

Sample Import Tool

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