nanoloop two

Nanoloop two is a sequencer / synthesizer cart for Game Boy Advance.

example track

Sorrowsong by Anthony Schmitt


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Nanoloop 2 is also built into Analogue Pocket.


Current software version is 2.8. Specifications


Demo ROM (for use with emulator or flashcart)



sync port

Nanoloop two can send and receive sync signals via the cart's built-in mini jack port with a standard 3.5mm audio cable. Since the Game Boy's link port is not involved, sync is also possible on devices without link port such as Game Boy Micro and DS / DS lite.

brick tiles

The cart is covered with standard 8mm grid plastic tiles in random colors that can easily be replaced with compatible parts such as LEGO®, BlueBrixx etc.


Nanoloop two saves data in flash memory, there is no cart battery.


Nanoloop two works on all GBA-compatible Game Boy models (GBA, GBA SP, GB micro, DS, DS lite).

The cart is not recommended for Analogue Pocket, only the built-in version should be used.

It does not work on other GBA clones such as Revo K101.


sync and data transfer


JDDJ3J performing with nanoloop 2.5 at Blip Festival Tokyo 2011

Henry Homesweet - Lo-Bit Bassment #7

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