nanoloop mono

Nanoloop mono is an analog synthesizer cart for the original monochrome Game Boy models.

(video by James Chip)

Bass sound example:

Percussion sound example:


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3 channels:

r = Rectangular Wave c = Click n = Noise

Analog Synth

In the nanoloop mono cart, the analog components (op-amps, comparators, logic cells etc) of a PIC microcontroller are connected and configured in such a way that they form a hybrid soundchip with 3 analog filters and a true random noise generstor, using only a few passive external components.


The cart is covered with standard 8mm grid plastic tiles in random colors that can easily be replaced with compatible parts such as LEGO®, BlueBrixx etc.


Nanoloop mono is a stepsequencer with per-step control for all parameters. There are 8 banks of flash memory each of which can hold 15 patterns per channel and a song structure.

user manual

Internal Audio

On the original Game Boy models, one pin of the cartridge connector functions as audio input, connected to the built-in amplifier. This unique feature allows to generate sound on the cart and play it through the headphone output on a completely analog signal path.

External Audio Port

Additionally, audio is also available through a mini jack port on the cart. The raw signal is rather strong and there is no volume control, it is hence best used as input for a mixer, active speaker etc.


Internal Sound External Sound
DMG (original Game Boy)
clean and bassy OK
Game Boy Pocket less bass, hiss
Game Boy Color thin, distorted
Game Boy Advance / SP -
DS is not compatible -
Analogue Pocket is not compatible -

For use with headphones, only DMG can be recommened.


Nanoloop mono offers the same sync options as nanoloop one.

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