nanoloop USB-MIDI-adaptor


This adaptor connects a Game Boy with a PC's USB port via link cable. It appears as a MIDI port on the PC and offers the following functionality:

- Load updates for nanoloop 2.2+ and 1.6+.
- Load additional 32k ROMs, such as mGB, on nanoloop one.
- Backup / restore songs from / to nanoloop 2.6 and nanoloop 1.6.
- Sync any nanoloop version to MIDI-enabled programs on the PC.
- Play the Game Boy via MIDI from the PC using mGB.

By default, the adaptor is in MIDI mode. To sync nanoloop with software on a PC, it has to be set to SYNC mode first with the nlmidi tool.


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The adaptor is a bare PCB, shaped to fit into a link cable's plug and a USB port.


- a Game Boy (DS doesn't work due to lack of link port)
- an "8bit", GB color/pocket/DMG compatible link cable (=all cables except for the GBA multiplayer cable)
- a PC with USB port and Chrome web browser


NEW: web version for Google Chrome: Access the adaptor via web browser


With nanoloop one

With nanoloop 2.x

(c) 1998-2011 Oliver Wittchow